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Experienced Financial Advisors

Treveri Capital LLC has highly experienced financial advisors. The founder, Jeff Martinez came from the the Pacific Stock Exchange in downtown Los Angeles as a new breed of brokers, an electronic floor broker. He was one of the first fully electronic floor brokers in the US (pre-fintech). Being highly experienced in the micro markets, he wanted to use that experience to build portfolios for individuals with a key focus on "RISK".


Treveri Capital specializes in identifying and mining niche markets with “edge”.


Portfolio review, adjustments, and maximization tailored to each clients needs.


Constantly monitoring and reviewing risk in portfolios. A financial advisor that is always on.


Dedicated Financial Advisors

Meet your new financial advisor that caters to your needs. Strange but true, Treveri Capital has real humans that look after you and your risk!

Asset, Risk, and Liquidity Management


Human financial advisors managing your risk

"He will risk half his fortune in the stock market with less reflection that he devotes to the selection of a medium-priced automobile." Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Jesse Livermore 1923

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About Treveri Capital LLC

The financial architects at Treveri Capital believe wealth management is created beyond a vacuum. Wealth is the result of vision. The vision to see the future and create it. Treveri Capital sees the power of tomorrows technology through the fluid cosmos of today. With almost 20 years of experience in financial innovation, Treveri Capital invests with confidence in traditional and alternative assets. Treveri Capital is progressive asset management offering services unseen in the wire-house and online broker dealers. Stock exchange experienced!

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